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Sphere 612A jumbling version of the 6.1.2 puzzle on Gelatinbrain's virtual puzzle applet.
Spherigear DiamondFour balls and four wheels in one case.
Spherigear LoopEight spherical gears of which four are turned at any time in conjunction. The very rare case of an abelian twistypuzzle.

Spherigear TriangleThree sphere connected with gears so they can be twisted only in pairs.
SpherigearsA combination of a mechanical maze and Bramboules.
Spider GearA spider-shaped cage containing bi-colored gears and a central rotating ball.

Spiral FractureSpiral Fracture is a vertex turning pentagonal dipyramid with curved slices.
Spiral Fracture-12A hexagonal dipyramid capable of 45 degree turns on the equatorial vertices.
Split DiamondA 2x2x2 with add-ons. It might look like a Rhombiminx but its pieces are further split up which explains its name.

Split HexThe unbandaged cousin of the Mixup 2x4x4 and the Hex Cube with split up squares.
Split Hex DominoA two layered hexagonal prism with additional cuts to allow quarter turns.
Split Jing's PyraminxThe puzzles name suggests it is a variant of Jings Pyraminx but it is indeed a puzzle with a completely new mechanism.

Sprout CubeA jumbling only puzzle with 16 axes, 4 of them doctrinaire.
Sprout Cube UnbandagedThe unbandaged version of Sprout Cube from the same inventor.
Sprout DodecahedronA jumbling only puzzle with 36 axes, 12 of them doctrinaire.

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