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Thunder CubeIt looks like a regular Void Cube but allows corner cutting like a speed cube.
Tiled 2x2x2A reinvented Twist&Slide with spirals instead of circles.
Tiny 4x4x4 (30 mm)A newly designed 4x4x4 with an edge length of 30 mm.

Tracker BallOne icosahedron and three octahedra rotate against each other in a single puzzle.
Tracker Ball 3DFive rotating balls in a cage that forces all five to rotate together.
TraheptrixThe successor of the Trapentrix with heptagons on the faces instead of pentagons.

TrapentrixA relative of the Biaxe with a strange shape.
Trapped MastermorphixA 3x3x3 that defies any try to name its shape.
Trapped SeedTwo shape mods of a 3-layer 6-segment Cheese implemented in one puzzle.

Treasure MinxThe concept of the Treasure Chest applied to a megaminx.
Treasure SkewbThe concept of the Treasure Chest adapted to a Skewb.
TriamondA half-truncated F-Skewb

TriangularityA face- corner- and edge turning tetrahedron with a super sticker scheme.
TriangulatorA tricky Disky with three petals that are split threefold and has three different piece types. All that in an highly unusual shape.
TriangulumA Starminx in shape of a tetrahedron. It was designed from scratch.

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