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RotoPrism 2 (prismatic)
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RotoPrism 2 (prismatic) is a lower-order shape modification of the Fracture-6 puzzle.

RotoPrism 2 (prismatic) is a new shape with a lower-order slice pattern for the Fracture-6 puzzle. The corners of the prism are equivalent to the face centers from Fracture-6, while the face centers of RotoPrism 2 (prismatic) have no equivalent on Fracture-6. RotoPrism 2 (prismatic) has a full Fracture-6 mechanism nested inside of the puzzle.

RotoPrism 2 (prismatic) has the unique property of being deeper than origin cut. The explanation is as follows: The three rotational axes are located at the center of each square face. In order to turn any one of the axes by 90 degrees without altering the plane of the other two axes, the opposite edge of the puzzle must be held stationary. Therefore the non-moving part of the puzzle is the set of edge pieces opposite the turning axis (and face), meaning the bulk of the puzzle (origin point included) is rotating.



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