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Prism (not only 180°-moves)
BiaxeVertex-turning irregular triangular dipyramid with 2 turning axes.
Bizarre BarrelA puzzle inspired by the senior barrel.
Compound FractureCompound Fracture is a new puzzle based on the geometry of the Fracture-10, altered to allow 45 degree turns along 4 axis.

Constellation SixVertex-turning triangular dipyramid.
Curvy-10A curved-cut variant of Fracture-10
Diamond DelightAn equatorial vertex turning pentagonal dipyramid with spherical cuts.

Fracture-10A fully custom ten-sided puzzle with five axes of rotation.
Fracture-10 (master)A "master" version of the Fracture-10 puzzle.
Fracture-12A truncated hexagonal dipyramid turning on six equatorial vertices.

Fracture-6Fracture-6 is a six sided analog to the Fracture-10 puzzle.
Fractured PrismThe Fracture-10 puzzle in shape of a pentagonal prism.
Ice-9A nine sided puzzle with 6 axes of rotation.

Illegal CubeA pentagonal prism which ignores geometric rules.
Junior Delta PrismA triangular prism with additional pieces that allow 90°-moves.
Kubik KonfusionA three axis puzzle capable of 90 degree turns on each axis.

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