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David Pitcher
1x2x3 (round)This wonderful custom built puzzle was created from scratch.
Compound FractureCompound Fracture is a new puzzle based on the geometry of the Fracture-10, altered to allow 45 degree turns along 4 axis.
Crystal TransformerThe Rhomdo Transformer with deeper cuts for the face turns.

Curvy Jumble PrismA variant of the Jumble Prism puzzle with curved cuts.
Curvy-10A curved-cut variant of Fracture-10
Dave's DiamondAn edge-turning hexagonal dipyramid sliced through the origin.

Diamond DelightAn equatorial vertex turning pentagonal dipyramid with spherical cuts.
Edge of InsanityA jumbling-only puzzle based on the triangular dipyramid geometry.
Edge of insanity TallEdge of Insanity redesigned to create a taller puzzle.

Face-Turning OctahedronThe first face-turning octahedron with straight cuts.
Fracture-10A fully custom ten-sided puzzle with five axes of rotation.
Fracture-10 (master)A "master" version of the Fracture-10 puzzle.

Fracture-12A truncated hexagonal dipyramid turning on six equatorial vertices.
Fracture-6Fracture-6 is a six sided analog to the Fracture-10 puzzle.
Fractured CubeA vertex-turning jumbling tetrakis hexahedron.

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