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Master HexaGemA shape variant of the hexagonal prism with two additional but incomplete layers, designed to look like a gem.
Master HeximateA shape transformation of the Master Pentultimate
Master KilohexaminxA Master Kilominx CADed into the shape of a cube.

Master Little ChopThis is an edge turning hexahedron. If the cuts were deeper the puzzle would become equivalent to the Little Chop.
Master Mental FlopA Mental Flop enhanced by one layer.
Master Meteor MadnessThe master version of the Meteor Madness puzzle.

Master Pentet PuzzleA not so simple pentagonal prism with two layers and two cuts per lateral axes.
Master PrisminxA pentagonal prism with two cuts per axis. The depth of the cuts is different compared with the professor pentagonal prism.
Master QuartetThe bigger cousin of the Quartet with two layers on each side.

Master Rainbow Cube IINot the first Rainbow Cube with an additional set of cuts but in this puzzle they are placed differently.
Master Rex CubeA corner turning hexahedron with 7 types of pieces. All cuts still intersect at the corners.
Master RuaThe element of the series of face turning rhombic dodecahedrons which had been missing.

Master SkewbminxA corner turning dodecahedron which is functionally equivalent to the Radiolarian III.
Master Slim PyraminxThe higher order version of the Slim Pyraminx.
Master Square-1A hybrid of a cut up Square-1 and a 2x2x2.

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