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Face turning tetragonal trapezohedronThe first face turning tragonal trapezohedron. A jumbling-only puzzle.
Fairly FudgedThe sucsessor of Fairly Twisted. With the help of fudging one new type of move is made possible.
Fairly TwistedA twisty puzzle with seven turning faces designed to have no symmetry.

Fall Apart CubeA puzzle specifically designed to fall apart.
Fang-10An edge turning pentagonal dipyramid. A puzzle that allows only jumbling moves.
Fat Pentum (Face Turning Pentagonal Bifrustum)A Pentagonal Bifrustum, which allows faceturns on all of its twelve sides. It is a jumbling-only puzzle.

Fenzed CubeThe result of what happens when you force the geometry of a tetrahedron into th shape of a cube: A fudged puzzle with four rotating faces.
Fenzy CA shallower cut Melty C or a Boca Cube with eight sides.
Fisher Curvy CopterA fishered version of the curvy copter.

Flame PyraminxA Pyraminx designed from scratch with wavy cuts.
Flare MinxA hybrid puzzle resembling the Bigh Chop. Assessed as an imperfect puzzle by the inventor himself.
Flipped 3x3x3The puzzle is a regular 3x3x3 with stickers on the inside of the puzzle and the overall shape of a sphere.

Floppy 2x2x2A twisty puzzle with corners that hang in the air.
Floppy 2x2x3A twisty puzzle with corners that hang in the air.
Floppy 2x3x3A twisty puzzle with corners that hang in the air.

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