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Polo GearsCould be viewed as a variant of the Gear Cube. Here the faces (in this case: the knobs) rotate too.
Polo GliderThe concept of "Alex Black Hole" with restricted moves but combined with a 1x2x2.
Polo ShiftIn solved position this puzzle looks like a 2x2x2 with one cubie missing but it is indeed a moving hole puzzle which pieces can be strangely oriented.

Polo SlideA 2x2x2 combined with a moving-hole-puzzle.
Pony Cube - 10 mm (Micro 2x2x2 cube)Another case of twistypuzzle extremism or better: minimalism.
Pop and TwistA 2D-puzzle with six axes of rotation and only three orbiting parts per axis.

Pop and Twist 12 ColorA 12 color version of the original Pop and Twist.
Praxicopter IIIThe axis system of an edge turning hexahedron twisted inside the cube. Resembling the Praxis cube.
Prisminx CrystalA 3 layered deepcut pentagonal prism which top and bottom faces look like the Pyraminx Crystal its name was taken from.

PrizmixThe Slim Pyraminx transformed to have three layers.
Professor Dürer's SolidA two layer (per)face turning Dürer's Solid.
Professor Hexagonal PrismA hexagonal prism with two cuts per face.

Professor OctaminxA 7x7x7 transformed into the shape of an octahedron but with several pieces left out.
Professor Pentagonal PrismThis is a face turning 5x5x5 pentagonal prism. The sides must be turned 180 degrees.
Professor RocketThe Rocket Twist with an additional layer on three sides.

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