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Almost-a-SkewbA puzzle with four axis. One is doctrinaire, the other three form a puzzle very closely to the Rocket Twist.
Alpha CubePretends to be an Axis Cube but is a prism with four layers.
Alternating Asynchronous Antislice Face Turning OctahedronA FTO which enforces heavy restrictions on the puzzle.

Alternating CubeA 2x2x2 which allows only clockwise and counterclockwise turn alternatingly.
Alternating SkewbA Skewb which allows only clockwise and anti-clockwise turn in alternating order.
Ambigear CubeA 4x4x4 with "ambiguous gearing" which forces connected movement on one axis.

Anarchy CubeA cube meant to be a challenge. Can it be twisted into a cube?
Andreas CrossingThe 3D-equivalent to puzzles with intersecting plungers.
Andromeda Cube UnbandagedThe Andromeda Cube which was unbandaged one time.

Andromeda DodecahedronA dodecahedron with 60 axes of rotation.
Andromeda Dodecahedron UnbandagedA dodecahedron with 60 axes of rotation, similar to the Andromeda Dodecahedron but with one layer of unbandaging.
AntiCubeA face turning tetragonal antiprism. A fudged puzzle.

AntiRainbowA puzzle with an unusual shape that allows the puzzle to be faceturning despite its hybrid axis system.
ApprenticeballDesigned to be a lower-order Masterball with three layers and six segments.
Archo CubeA shape variant of a mini 2x2x2 cube.

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