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1x7x7 Slim CubeAnother entry in the series of Floppy Cubes.
2x2x0A 1x2x2 made even easier.
2x2x16Another entry in the ever growing series of 2x2xN puzzles. This one retains its shape as a cube. Therefore the pieces are not cubies but cuboids.

2x2x2 HeartA Valentine's Day present the creator made for his girlfriend.
2x2x2 SSDA 2x2x2 in shape of a Small Stellated Dodecahedron.
2x2x2x2 (4D)The 4D version of a 2x2x2, implemented with two cubes and magnets.

2x2x4 CrazypillA 2x2x4 in shape of the a pill, something between sphere and cylinder.
2x2x50Puzzle like these are designed for the design's sake.
2x4x4A fully functional 2x4x4 Cuboid

2x4x6Another fully functional cuboid designed by Grégoire Pfennig.
2x6x6Another cuboid which had been thought to be impossible in the past.
3-layered round Hexagonal TRIprismA redesigned version Pyraminx Magic Barrel (Senior) with non-curvy cuts.

33x33x33Insanity squared.
3x3x3 Rainbow CubeA hybrid puzzle which combines the twisting abilities of a 3x3x3 and a rainbow cube.
3x4x7Designed and printed to fill a slot.

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