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Johns Hopkins 1x2x5Not a mass produced puzzle but customly 3D-printed.
Jr. Heli-SkewbA hybrid that combines three axis systems: 2x2x2, Skewb and Helicopter Cube.
JumballA face turning triakis tetrahedron with truncated shape. A jumbling-only puzzle.

Jumble Circle 4x4x4A Crazy 4x4x4 with all corners split into six pieces each thereby allowing 45-turns on the faces.
Jumble CloudA 2D-jumbling puzzle to make many others obsolete.
Jumble IntersectTwo 2x2x2s (rotated with respect each other) fused into one puzzle.

Jumble OctahedronA puzzle with the jumbling only axis system based on the Triakis Tetrahedron.
Jumble PebbleA jumbling only puzzle with a strange yet unnamed geometry. It resembles the jumble rock.
Jumble Prism PredecessorA jumbling twisty puzzle based on the geometry of a triangular prism.

Jumble RockA jumbling puzzle built around an unusual, currently unnamed shape.
Jumble StarCorner turning pentonal prism. A jumbling-only puzzle.
Jumble TrapThe non-pillowed version of the face turning tetragonal trapezohedron. A jumbling-only puzzle.

Jumble Trap UnbandagedA face turning tetragonal trapezohedron with additional stored cuts.
JumblixA puzzle with the axis system of a face turning pentagonal dipyramid. Ten of 12 possible moves only jumbling.
Junior Delta PrismA triangular prism with additional pieces that allow 90-moves.

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