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Rex FlowerA corner turning pentagonal prism with cuts one the square faces resembling a Rex Cube.
Rex Pent PrismCorner turning pentagonal prism. A jumbling only puzzle.
Rex Rhombic Dodecahedron (RRD)A corner turning rhombic dodecahedron. Both sets of vertices allow turning.

Rex Rhombic Triacontahedron (RRT)A vertexturning rhombic triacontahedron. Both sets of vertices allow turning.
Rex SkewbA combination of Skewb and Rex Cube like the name says.
Rex Skewb 2x2x2Combines the cuts of the Rex Skewb (which itself combines two sets of cuts) with the 2x2x2.

RexmateA puzzle with hybrid axis system combining Pentultimate and Rex Dodecahedron in one puzzle.
Rexoctahedron³A cuboctahedron that is face turning on both sets of faces, in this case with cuts resembling the 3x3x3 and the Rex Cube.
Rhombic dodecahedron MultidodecahedronThe Multidodecahedron in shape of a rhombic dodecahedron.

Rhombic RaptorA hybrid of a corner turning and face turning hexahedron in shape of a rhombic dodecahedron with spherical cuts.
Rhombic raptor skewbA rhombic dodecahedron with three cuts per axis through threefold corners and two cuts per axis through fourfold corners.
Rhombic18A hybrid puzzle that combines a face turning rhombic dodecahedron with six additional axis of rotation at the four-sided vertices.

RhombultimateA Pentultimate in shape of a rhombic triacontahedron.
RhomdoA fully functional face turning trapezo-rhombic dodecahedron. An almost jumbling-only puzzle.
Rhomdo TransformerA hybrid puzzle but not in the classical meaning of the word. It takes an awkward axis system and makes it more awkward.

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