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Hex CrystalA 3-layered version of a 6-segmented puck.
Hex CubeA Mixup Cube with one middle layer deleted and transformed into a half-regular shape.
Hex ShiftFourteen gears on a hexagonal shape.

Hexa RexA hexagonal prism with the jumbling only axis system of a distorted trigonal trapezohedron.
Hexa Rex DipyramidThe Hexa Rex transformed into a hexagonal dipyramid.
Hexaflop PlusA prism designed to be face turning asymetrical dodecagonal.

HexaGemA shape variant of the hexagonal domino, designed to look like a gem.
Hexagonish BlockA bandaged face turning pentadecagonal prism in shape of a (irregular) hexagonal prism.
HexalabacusA bigger variant of Astrolabacus with six segments that but with six channels of beads.

Hexaminx CrystalA Pyraminx Crystal designed from scratch to have the shape of a cube.
HexånglrA three-layered prism with 60°-turns at the four arms.
HexapodAn edge turning triangular prism in shape of a hexagonal prism and a difference in geometry.

HexashiftA Rex Cube in the shape of a Hexagonal Prism.
HexcentrixThe third hexagonal prism which turns around its corners.
Hexcopter 12 CurvyA hexagonal prism turning on the twelve 90 degree edges.

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