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Krystian's SquareA very complicatedly implemented trivial puzzle.
Krystian's TwistA subset of the Big Chop in shape of the tridiminished icosahedron.
Kubik KonfusionA three axis puzzle capable of 90 degree turns on each axis.

Lace BraceletA Torus with 7 segments and 4 slices that rotate around the torus unlike tricky disky with which it share the solving method.
Latch MegaminxThe concept of the Latch Cube applied to the Megaminx.
Lattice OhA Master Dino Cube in shape of a Super X.

Leonidas Doble CrazyFour intersecting circles with five rings and four different possible turns.
Long ShotA 2x2x7 implemented with a design that allows its extension to infinity.
Loopy TwistA toroidal twisty puzzle in the vain of Tricky Disky with just one type of piece.

Lotus IA vertex-turning rhombohedron.
Lotus IIA vertex-turning square antiprism with the shape of a Gyroelongated Square Dipyramid which is a Johnson solid.
Luna CrystalThe Luna Minx with slightly different curved cuts.

LunaMinxA face turning pentagonal trapezohedron, a jumbling only puzzle with and alternative sweet spot.
M24 CubeA Little Chop with two additional restrictions which transform the puzzle into the equivalent of the M24 Group, one of the sporadic groups.
Madness CubedMadness Cubed is a cubic transformation of the More Madness puzzle by Oskar van Deventer.

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