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Vladi's Time GateA tetrahedral version of the Time Machine. Every face has circles with nine segments.
Vladimirs CheeseThis is the Cheese Block hidden inside a heptagon-like solid.
Void 5x5x5A void 5x5x5 with peep holes where the center corners would be.

Void 6x6x6Looks like a 6x6x6 with the inner 2 column of every dimension removed. But it defies these expectations.
Void FloppyA 1x3x3 without center.
Void FTOA face turning octahedron without a traditional core.

Void Hexagonal PrismThe principle of the void cube applied on a hexagonal prism.
Void Master PyraminxA voided version of the Master Pyraminx.
Void Pentagonal PrismThe first working pentagonal prism seemingly without faces and a core.

Void PyraminxA Pyraminx with a hole.
Void Screw CubeA variant of the Slim Cube which outer upwards pieces that can be screwed up and down.
Void StarballA shape variant of the Starminx clearly inspired by Oskar van Deventers Minimal Twist.

Weighted Companion SkewbA shape a sticker variant of the skewb resembling an item from a computer game series called Portal.
Weird CubeWith one 180 turn and one 120 turn this is probably the easiest puzzle that can be truly scrambled.
Weird Disk 235Three intersecting circles different sizes with different step length. The simplest possible puzzle of this kind.

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