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Edgy SkewbA Skewb with additional edge turns that can be utilized when the skewb is in midturn and when not.
Edgy Skewb PlusThe Edgy Skewb with an additional set of stored cuts.
EHTA Pentultimate in shape of an icosahedron combined with edge turns. The latter turns are also available if the Pentultimate turns are in midturn.

Eitan's Edge Turning OctahedronThe octahedral equivalent of the Curvy Copter II.
Eitan's NebulaHigher order face turning icosahedron. a.k.a. Master Eitan's Star - a.k.a. Master FTI
Elemental CubeA 3D-printed 3x3x3 with an edge length of 8 mm.

Elementalix - 15 mm (world's smallest micro Pyraminx Puzzle)Elementalix - 15 mm (Micro Pyraminx)
The smallest pyraminx puzzle in the World!
ELIA pentagonal antiprism with two layers.
Elite IcosamateA corner turning icosahedron with three cuts per axis.

Elite PentultimateA face turning dodecahedron with 3 cuts per axis all very close to the puzzle's center.
Elliptical Cross OctahedronA very clever subset of the 5x5x5.
Emperor PyraminxA Pyraminx with 7 layers.

Enabler CubeA restricted 3x3x3. It allows only wide turn.
Engels Enigma CubedA 2D-puzzle reimplemented as a 3D-puzzle.
EnneaminxA puzzle defying all classification systems. The axes are oriented like a corner turning cube but the possible twists are enhanced in a very unexpected way.

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