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5x7x9Also labeled as the "the definitive ultimate shapeshifting cuboid".
6 Corners of the worldA star-shaped 2x2x2 with unique stickers.
6x6x7Another entry in the seemingly endless line of cuboids.

6x6x8A fully functional half regular cuboid which would have been impossible in the days without CAD and shapeways.
6x8x10Also known as "The Utmost Definitive Ultimate Shape shifter". Another entry in the ever growing field of fully functional cuboids.
Actual 2x2 IcosahedronA face turning icosahedron with just four visible pieces per face.

Actual Helicopter CubeA 1x2x3 with gears in the two middle pieces that turns also the rotor.
AI Axis CubeA 4x4x4 axised (twisted inside its solid) and bandaged like an AI Cube.
Alaina's CubeA shape trasformation of the Astroid Attack. This already non-understandable puzzle was made even more confusing by transforming it into hexahedral shape.

Alex Black HoleFrom one corner it looks like a 2x2x2 but has only 7 cubies of which only one can be moved at a time. While being moved every cubie is rotated in a distinct way.
All AroundA puzzle like the "Lord of the Rings":
"One Puzzle to rule them all, One Puzzle to combine them,
One Puzzle to to make them useless"
All-Around PyraminxPyraminx and Mastermorphynx combined into one puzzle.

Almost-a-CubeFour axes in an axis system close to a 5x5x5 and like a higher order version of Fenzed Cube.
Almost-a-GigaminxA higher order version of the Bermuda Rocket (Earth). It has six distorted axes. with each two layers.
Almost-a-PyraminxThe Rocket Twist in the shape closestly resembling it geometry.

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