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HandiCubeThis is just a 3x3x3 but a 3x3x3 specifically designed for solving one-handed.
HeartrixThree axis of different order in a doctrinaire puzzle.
Heaven's CuboidThe concept of the Ghost Cube applied to a 3x3x4 with the offset layers along the 4-layered axis.

Hedgehog CubeA new design (with magnets) for a puzzle first invented in 1985.
Heli StarA Helicopter Cube in shape of Escher's solid, the first stellation of the rhombic dodecahedron.
Helicopter + 2x2x2A hybrid puzzle which combines the Helicopter Cube with the 2x2x2.

Helicopter + 3x3x3A hybrid puzzle closely related to Dayan Gem II but with some different pieces and with cubic shape.
Helicopter 2x2x4A 2x2x4 with two Helichops on both ends.
Helicopter Disdyakis TriacontahedronAn edge turning dodecahedron in shape of a Disdyakis Triacontahedron.

Helicopter Pent PrismA shape variant of the Rex Pent Prism.
Helicopter SkewbA hybrid of Helicopter cube and Skewb. This puzzle brings jumbling to a new level.
HeliDoctre CubeA Helicopter Cube that can't jumble.

HelilabacusA variant of Quartolabacus with drilled paths.
HeliPrism 6 BallA six axis edge turning triangular prism.
HeliPrism 9 BallHeliPrism 9 Ball is an edge turning triangular prism with one axis at every edge of the form, for nine total axes.

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