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Compound FractureCompound Fracture is a new puzzle based on the geometry of the Fracture-10, altered to allow 45 degree turns along 4 axis.
Compound HelicopterWith many aspects this is a helicopter cube or a curvy Copter. The axis system is the same as the number of cuts but the cutting depths are different.
Compound HexagonThe hexagonal predecessor of the Quadrangle.

Compound SkewbA hybrid puzzle in shape of a cross cube.
Compy SkewbA corner turning hexahedron with four (no more!) logical layers.
Concentric CubeThree 2x2x2's in one puzzle. Some of their corners are fused to each other.

Coner 3x3x3A hybrid between face turning and corner turning hexahedron.
Coner 3x3x3 IIA hybrid between face turning and corner turning hexahedron. Compared with the first version there are different cuts.
Conermate IIA hybrid puzzle combining the cuts of a Pentultimate and a Pentagram.

Conjoined CubesTwo 2x2x2s fused into one puzzle. They can be played both but not simultanously.
Connected CubesTwo 2x2x2 cubes connected by gears.
ConstellationA dodecahedron with 14 cuts directly inspired by two different Starminxes.

Constellation IIThe same puzzle as the Constellation with a shape only slightly modified.
Constellation SixVertex-turning triangular dipyramid.
Copper OrbA CADed relative of the "The Orb" with three rows of marbles instead of four.

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