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Professor Square-1A five-layered version of the Square-1 puzzle. With additional slices: 20 instead of 12.
Professor StarPrismA pentagonal prism with five layers and a 5x5-pattern on each square.
Professor Triangular PrismA triangular prism with 3 layers on the main axis and 5 layers in height.

Professor TriFlopThe most simple triangular prism but with one additional layer per axis.
Projective AstrominxAn Astrominx which allows one slice turns. The stickers are choosen appropriately with opposing sides stickered equally.
Projective Dino OctaA Dino Octa where turns are reduced to slice turns only. The stickers are choosen appropriately with opposing sides stickered equally.

PropelloA corner turning Propello Tetrahedron.
Proportional MixupA shape variant of the Mixup Cube. It was designed to have proportional "cubies".
Proportional OhA proportional version of the Oh Cube, which is an earlier design of the same designer.

Pseudo ChopA minimalistic puzzle that uses two different axis but is still doctrinaire.
Psi Quantum EntanglementThe successor of the Quantum Entanglement with inverted gearing.
QuadrangleA two-layered prism with 120-turns at the four arms. Even more amazing: It is the first known self-dual puzzle.

QuadStarQuadStar is a non-shape-shifting jumbling puzzle based on the snub disphenoid, elongated at the four five-way vertices.
Quartolabacus A newly-designed Astrolabacus with four channels of beads instead of two.
Quasi TwistA shape variant of Rocket Twist that demonstrates the pentagonal symmetries of every turn.

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