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Unbandaged Helicopter SkewbThe Helicopter Skewb with another design feature that increases the difficulty even further.
Unbandaged RhomdoThe Rhomdo recreated with one type of piece split up to allow more jumbling moves.
Unbandaged Square-1A Square-1 which was complete unbandaged. The result is a prism with twelve segments and three layers.

Uncanny CubeA semi-cubic twisty puzzle with only five turning faces.
Uncanny MixupA puzzle combining the concepts of Mixup Cube and Uncanny Cube.
Unlucky TwistA 1x2x13 twisty puzzle.

Unproportional CubeMechanical engineering exercise to defy seemingly obvious rules of puzzle making.
Valentine CubeA contour cut cube revealing a pattern of four hearts on each face.
Vanity CubeOskar van Deventer's head printed in 3D glued on a 2x2x2.

Variomatic CubeIt looks like Gear Cube but implements an ingenious twisting method which can't be explained in one sentence.
VegamateA pentultimate in shape of a compound of five tetrahedra.
VegaminxA megaminx in shape of a compound of five tetrahedra.

Vergo 24-CubeA Little Chop combined with a moving-marbles-puzzle.
Vertex turning hexagonal antiprismNamed after its axis system. A jumbling only puzzle.
Very Deep CubeA cube with just two axes. A heavily bandaged hybrid puzzle.

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