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Deep SkewbA reimplemented void skewb which makes visible its core which is connected to the red square.
Deep Uniaxial 3x3x3Not a bandaged 5x5x5 but a 3x3x3 with strangely displaced cuts.
Deeper Cut Nonagonal DominoA nonagonal prism which is 2 layers high.

Deeper-than-origin PrismA puzzle supposed to be the simplest deeper-than-origin twisty puzzle. It can be seen as a heavily bandaged trigonal prism with three layers.
Delta SliceA prism with two layers and four types of turns.
Dharma RingAn octagonal prism combining three different types of turns which seem to be designed to evade all classifications attempts.

Diamond CuboidA Ghost 2x3x4. One out of a series of three.
Diamond DelightAn equatorial vertex turning pentagonal dipyramid with spherical cuts.
Diamond DuetA face turning triakis tetrahedron in the shape of an octahedron.

Diamond JubileeA pseudo edge turning rhombic triacontahedron with true deltoidal hexecontahedron geometry.
Dihexium keychainTwo intersecting circles rotatable by 120 in a minimalistic design.
Dino 3x3x3A hybrid of 3x3x3 and Dino cube.

Dino 5x5x5A hybrid of a Dino cube and a 5x5x5. A higher order version of the Dino 3x3x3.
Dino BramA corner turning rhombicuboctahedron. A jumbling only puzzle.
Dino IcosahedronAn icosahedron designed to have only edge pieces, like the Dino Cube.

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