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Crystal TransformerThe Rhomdo Transformer with deeper cuts for the face turns.
Crystal Trap A faceturning tetragonal trapezohedron. A jumbling only puzzle.
CrystalliteDesigned to be the Ripple Cube Plus but without curved lines it can't be part of the series.

Cube BouchonA 3x3x3 which opposite sides are connected with gears. These gears make the sides to twist in different ratios during one full turn.
Cube TwisterEight 3x3x3s connected into one massive puzzle with interconnected movement.
Cubes on a DiskTwo 4x4x4 connected with a disk which allows to exchange pieces between the puzzles.

Cubic 2x2x6A 2x2x6 in shape of a cube.
Cubic 3x3x6 IIA true cubic 3x3x6 with layers of identical thickness.
Cubic Helicopter DodecahedronThe helicopter Dodecahedron transformed into the shape of a cube.

Cubic Jumble TrapA jumble trap in shape of a cube. A jumbling-only puzzle.
Cubic StarminxA Starminx in shape of a cube. Sadly it is not a perfect shape variant.
Cubic ToruAn edge turning hexahedron designed to resemble one of the inventors earlier puzzles.

Cubid-19A 2x2x2 modelled after virus that causes Covid-19.
CubophoneA 3x3x3 that is solved not by colour or shape but by tune.
Curvy Copter III plusThe concept of the Curvy Copter Plus applied to the Curvy Copter III

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