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Pancake Cube IIA 3x3x27 in shape of a cube.
PantaBramA puzzle succeeding the PantaCube. It is a Cubedron where not all moves are possible.
PantaCubeA Cubedron working without gravity but as a moving hole puzzle.

Pantazis' MatrixThis is an implementation of the full symmetric group S4 as a twisty puzzle. A puzzle without restriction like parity issues.
Paso DobleA 3x3x3 which gears assure that for each 90-turn of one side the opposite side is turned by 180
Peek CubeA 5x5x5 with internal 3x3x3 exposed and with proportional pieces.

Penta MixupA face turning pentagonal prism which allows mixup turns.
Penta Mixup GimmickThe Penta Mixup Wall made simpler.
Penta Mixup WallA Penta Nova which allows additional mixup turns.

Penta MysteryA hollowed sphere with a 5-fold-symmetry. Another entry in the series that started with Rocket Twist.
PentaballA pentagonal prism in shape of a sphere.
Pentacle PuzzleA pentagonal floppy cube in the form of a pentacle.

Pentacopter 10DAn edge turning pentagonal prism with slices that intersect at the centers of the pentagonal faces.
Pentacopter 15An edge-turning pentagonal prism with 15 axes of rotation.
PentafoldA pentagonal version of Gear Fold.

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