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Royal Wedding CubeUn-Official Wedding Cube. Prince Charles and Princess Diana.
Rubber Scrabble PiecesA mid-sized cube with rubber scrabble pieces from a vintage travel scrabble game.
Rubbik's CubeA 3x3x3 with pieces covered with Polytek Poly PT Flex 20 Liquid Casting Rubber.

Rubenking CubeAn attractive sticker variation with confusing properties.
Rubik 3x3x3 SemiballPiece-exchange-variant of Rubiks Cube with an uniquely striped sphere, or at least on eighth of it.
Rubik VedettaA 3x3x3 with leather pieces instead of stickers or tiles.

Rubik, the Amazing CubeA 3x3x3 modelled after the main character of the television series from 1983 of the same name.
Rubik's 30th Anniversary CubeRubiks Cube made with massive wood to celebrate the Cube's 30th birthday.
Rubik's 35th anniversary CubeA cube of japanese origin celebrating the 35 anniversary of the Rubik's Cube.

Rubik's 40th Anniversary CubeRubik’s 40th Anniversary Limited Edition wood cube.
Rubik's 40th Anniversary MetallicAnother cube celebrating the 40th anniversary of the presentation of Rubik's Cube. This one uses metallic stickers.
Rubik's 4th DimensionMade in the late 1980's. Four special stickers reveal the orientation of their faces.

Rubik's 4th Dimension IIDifferent editions with different packages.
Rubik's 4x3 CubeThe Rubik's 4x3 CubeŽ is the incredibly addictive cousin of the Rubik's 5x3 CubeŽ. From the Duane Cash Cube Collection. The first extended 3x3x4.
Rubik's 5x3 CubeThe Rubik's 5x3 CubeŽ is 5x3x3 six-sided puzzle that is hand-assembled and solidly constructed. From the Duane Cash Cube Collection.

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