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Bimetallic Tall WindmillPieces of a silver and a golden Windmill cube were exchanged to create this cuboidal windmill cube.
BinaryA mass produced Axis cube repainted to resemble a binary star system.
Binary DeepThe enabler Cube with another restriction. Only two faces are turnable at any given time.

Binary Fused CubeThe Fused Cube with another restriction. As a result only two faces are turnable at any given time.
Binder CubeAnother German promo cube, this one for a company called "Binder Kunststofftechnik GMBH".
BipolarA customly painted version of the Beveling Axis Cube.

Birch Beam CubeA cylinder cube with the texture depicting a segment of a cut up birch.
Bitruncated MastermorphixA cross between Mastermorphix and Trajber's Octahedron.
Bizarre BandageA 3x3x3 with a new type of bandaging. Two pairs of edges are connected.

Black and white Illusion Fused CubeA pair of Fused cubes, solved by symbols not stickers.
Black Cube with round stickersA standard-sized black cube with round stickers.

Black Lemon CubeA shape similar to the "Circled Cube" but with the axis system reoriented inside the solid. Stickered with the Playboy Bunny.
Black-and-white Radiation PyramorphixTwo colour master pyramorphix
Black-and-white Z Fisher cubeA Fisher cube modifed by exchanging pieces between a white and a black sample.

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