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Sixcone 3x3x3 V1A 3x3x3 truncated with six intersecting cones in a shape closely resembling the Steinmetz solid.
Sixcone 3x3x3 V2A 3x3x3 truncated with six intersecting cones. This time resulting in a heavily concave solid.
Sixties CubeA large, sixties tye-dye cube with sixties symbols.

Sixties Cube Key ChainThis key chain sized version has slightly varied graphics, and the sides are arranged differently.
Skewed Cube (Sharp Edges 12000000)A 3x3x3 truncated on 2 edges and afterwards extended. The result has the shape of a rhombic prism.
Skewed Hexagonal Prism (Octagonal Edges 21E8A00145E10 Extended)A 3x3x3 truncated on 8 edges and then extended. The shape is a skewed hexagonal prims.

Skull cubeA skull-like inequilateral 3x3x3.
Slice CubeA 3x3x3 reoriented with its solid. It shares some similarities to the Lozenge prism and the Greenhills Cube.
Slice CuboctahedronA Slice Cube further truncated into the shape of a cubctahedron.

Slice Hexagonal DipyramidA handmade Slice Cube truncated into a hexagonal dipyramid.
Slidey 2x2x2It looks similar to a Babyface puzzle but it works like an edges only 3x3x3.
Slim Bump Cube (Mirror Blocks)A slim bump created by cutting down the tallest layer to equal the thinnest layer of a 3x3x3 mirror blocks puzzle.

Slim fisher cubeA Fisher cube truncated on two opposing sides.
Slim Horror CubeSlim "Horror" Bump Cube (Mirror Blocks) has two layers of equal but unproportional size.
Slip-3A 3x3x3 in which all corners and edges can be turned independently.

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