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Bump Rhombic DodecahedronA bumped 3x3x3 but with the shape of a rhombic dodecahedron.
Bump Shape 3x3x3 CubeA 3x3x3 bumped on all sides but the bumping was done pairwise inverted.
Bump TetrahedronA bump cube transformed into a tetrahedron.

Bump Tetrahedron 2A Bump Cube/Mirror Blocks modded into a tetrahedron.
Bump Tetrahedron 3A Bump Cube/Mirror Blocks modded into a tetrahedron. (Smaller than version 2)
Bump-9A 3x3x3-transformation descending from the Bump Cube. Here the three bumps were applied with equal distances.

Bumped Cube (high)A Bump Cube extended on one face.
Bumped Cube (short)A Bump Cube truncated on one face.
BumpzillaA 3x3x3 bump cube with a size of 200 mm.

BumpZILLA Horror CubeThe BumpZILLA "Horror" 200 mm Bump Cube (Mirror Blocks) is a 200 mm version of the 57 mm two solution mirror blocks.
Bupa Promotional CubeA promotional cube made for the Bupa Healthcare Company.

Burnley Building SocietyNot another promotional cube but a promotional octagonal prism.
Butterfly CubeThis cube features six different butterflies.
Butterfly Cube IISix different butterflies in front of a white background.

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