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All-In-One Bandaged CubeThe mass produced brother of the Ultimate Bandaged 3x3x3. This version uses flat tiles instead of Lego bricks.
All-In-One-CubeAnother 3x3x3 with Lego tiles. This one has a size perfectly adapted to the size of the LEGO tiles.
Allspark cubeAllspark cube inspired by the transformers franchise.

Almost hexagonal prism (Sharp Edges A014924A0140)A 3x3x3 truncated on 12 edges and afterwards extended. The result looks almost like hexagonal prism.
AloftA promotional cube featuring Aloft Hotels
Alpha cube IIThe younger brother of the beta cube.

AlphacubeA cube of japanese origin.
Aluminium Rubik's CubeA mass produced 3x3x3 with a body made from an aluminium alloy.

Ambiguity ITwelve truncations which are used for a twenty-sided variant and stickered with twelve different colors. Very ambiguous modification!
Ambiguity IIAn icosahedral 3x3x3 stickered as if it was a dodecahedral one. Very ambiguous modification!
American CubeExactly like a standard Rubik's Cube, except the plastic is white. Claimes to have been made in USA.

American Kennel ClubA promotional cube for the namegiving club. It shows five dogs and the club's logo.
Amorphous CubeA 3x3x3 with an amorphous shape. No stickers are needed.

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