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Mid-Sized CubeThis 37 mm cube has a hole for a chain attachment, but there wasn't a chain attached when I found it for 25 cents at a thrift store.
Mid-Sized Red CubeThis cube stands at approximately 45 mm tall and is made out of a deep red plastic.
Midi brown CubeA Midi Cube (37 mm) with brown body and hexagonal stickers. From the original cube craze.

Midturn Windmill Hexagonal DipyramidA Windmill Cube moved into midturn and truncated into a hexagonal dipyramid.
Million Space ShuttleAn Octagonal Prism sold with one side rotated 90 degrees in a cylinder case like some cubes during the cube craze.
MilloctahedronA 3x3x3 truncated on all of its eight corners similarly to the cuboctahedron.

Mini Cube PuzzlerA knock-offed version of "Rubik's Cube Necklace" from Taiwan.
Mini CubillusionThe smaller brother of the Cubillusion.

Mini Ghost cubeThis is a hand made ghost cube, no new challenges, but is pink, tiny, handmade and awesome.
Mini MascotAnother mini 3x3x3, presumably from the original cube craze.

Mini NucleusA 3x3x3 in a shape consisting of four fused spheres.
Mini PuzzleAnother knock-offed mini version from the original cube craze. This one comes from Hong Kong with a different key chain.
Mini Rubik's Cube - French editionPackaging labeled with french text.

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