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3x3x3 Rhombic Triacontahedron (truncated)A 3x3x3 truncated in to the name giving solid.
3x3x3 RocketA 3x3x3 in shape of a rocket including a fitting base.
3x3x3 RosaA 3x3x3 covered with roses made from resin.

3x3x3 RubikeroA Rubik's cube covered in Rubik's cubes.
3x3x3 SalvajeA 3x3x3 covered with 9126 pieces of synthetic resin creating six drawings of wild animals.
3x3x3 SateliteThis 3x3x3 has not stickers but glued pieces of resin with photos of various satellites in our solar system.

3x3x3 sculptureA 3x3x3 drastically shaved down.
3x3x3 SexyThis 3x3x3 has resin pieces glued instead of sticker, with sexy leopard skin motifs.
3x3x3 SharinganA 3x3x3 with various types of Naruto's Sharingan eyes.

3x3x3 SinceroA 3x3x3 covered with transparent coloured crystals instead of stickers.
3x3x3 slaidA 3x3x3 heavily truncated into some kind of knobby shape.
3x3x3 Solidario3x3x3 with ties that are in solidarity with various causes that need all the support we can give them.

3x3x3 SuspirosThis 3x3x3 has resin pieces glued instead of stickers, in the shape of meringue cakes called sighs.
3x3x3 Tartan PiramidalA 3x3x3 with 54 custom made pyramids applied.
3x3x3 Teclado InvisibleThis 3x3x3 ist covered with glued pc keys, coloured but without characters.

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