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That '80s Show CubeThis white plastic cube advertises "That '80s Show", a short-lived 2002 sitcom.
The amazing cubeA cube produced as merchandising for the animated series of 1983.
The Barratt Magic CubeOne 3x3x3 from the first batch of Politechnika/Pentangle cubes. Used as an invitation gift.

The Brady BunchA handmade picture variant depicting the famous TV series.
The Cube - Key ChainAnother 3x3x3 with a key chain attached. Distinguishable by the key chain itself.
The Last CubeAll stickers in one color. It is impossible to mess up. Colors known so far are yellow and green.

The Lost WorldA promotional 3x3x3 published for the second Jurassic Park movie.
The Mini Cube30 mm edge length. Made in Japan
The Rubiks cube for DummiesA "do it yourself" kit with a blank Rubik's cube and 54 yellow stickers.

The Ultimate CubeA single-colored cube. No puzzle but a mean prank.
A cube with 43 quintillion solutions. It is a snap!
It came in at least three colours.
The world's smoothest turning magic cubeA 3x3x3 named as blatant advertisement.
Threaded Tile Bandage KitAnother kit for bandaging a 3x3x3.

Three Colour CubeAn excellent cube for a beginner to try first. A simple piece shuffle variant.
Thunder cube mirrorA bumped version of the an inverted 3x3x3.
TIE CubeA 3x3x3 resembling the TIE fighters from Star Wars. Due to its pieces shapes it implements a subgroup of the 3x3x3.

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