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Compound-2-BallsA 3x3x3 which looks as if two spheres were fused into one solid.
Computer game Midi CubeA Midi Cube depicting old video games

Compy IllusionA 3x3x3 that pretends to be a Compy Cube.
Concave 3x3x3A mass produced stickerless concave 3x3x3
Concave barrel cubeThis is a barrel with a concave shape in the laterals.

Concussion CubeA shape variant of the extended-only 3x3x5. It inverts the capsule cube.
Cone 3x3x3A 3x3x3 from casted pieces in shape of a cone.
Confused UfoA 3x3x3 truncated in different ways.

Conjoined Fisher cubeTwo Fisher Cubes glued together thereby reimplementing Fused Cubes with internal twists.
Coors OriginalThis promo cube features the "Original Coors" logo on two sides.

Copia CubeText include: IVR, Fax Mail, Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, FaxFacts, Mail Merge, Fax Retrieval, Fax Server, Forms Processing and 800-689-8898.
Copper Bump PyramidA Bump Cube with extensions to give the shape of a square pyramid.
Copter TowerA 3x3x3 with curvy cuts, fishered and elongated on one axes.

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