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Elvi bandaged 3x3x3A bandaged 3x3x3 with six bonds modelled after its earlier 4x4x4 counterpart.
Emboss 3x3x3A partially truncated 3x3x3 with beautiful stickers.
Enclosed CubeA 3x3x3 with six edges truncated like a octagon. A highly symmetric truncation.

England FootballAdvertising for the england football association
Entanglement 3x3x3All corner pieces are connected in pairs with a rope between them. This 3x3x3 is not bandaged by the ropes but the can be easily entangled.

EsaMirrorA mirror hexagonal prism built from scratch.
Escher CubeCube featuring original artwork by M.C.Escher, shows a total of 12 fish.
Escher CuboctahedronCuboctahedron featuring original artwork by M.C.Escher, shows a total of 24 fish.

Escher Fish 3x3x3A custom sticker variation of a 3x3x3. Inspired by the great works of M.C. Escher.
Escher PoolA custom sticker variant inspired by overflowing stickers and an Escher illusion.
Espana 1982A 3x3x3 made for the Soccer World Cup 1982 in Spain. It has no stickers.

Espera MasterSpanish version of the Diamond Style Puzzler. Came in several different colour variants.
Euro 3x3x3This cube features the Euro and other various logos. From Germany's Deutsche Bank.

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