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Professor Rubik's CubeJapanese variant of the 3x3x3 from the ear of the Oddzon cubes.
Promotional CubePromotional cube for National Investors Life. White stickers have words such as IRA, annuity, retirement, individual.
Proportional 2x3x3 TwystAn I-Cube that was reshaped into a spiraled shape.

ProvidenceA irregular convex solid that was ghosted and added with sculptures of horror images.
PruFund CubePromoting a investment company.
Pseudo 4x4x4 mirrorA 3x3x3 pretending to be a 4x4x4 made with eccentric cubies and some 3D printed extensions.

Pseudo Cube in a CubeCube in a cube but as sticker variant.
Pseudo Dice 5x5x5A 3x3x3 covered with dice to make it look like a 5x5x5.
Pseudo Mirror CubeA very clever "sticker variation" of a transparent 3x3x3.

Psico CubeA shape transformed 3x3x3 with a strange but still symmetric shape.
PTD CubeThis cube features the slogan and logo of PTD.
Puga's DiamondA Pocket Cube truncated into the shape of a shining diamond.

Pursuit of Happyness 3X3X3A 3X3X3 Rubik's cube promonting the movie with the same name.
Puzzle Cube Keychain - LargeA standard key chain sized knock-off made in Taiwan. Comes with instructions.
Puzzle Cube Keychain - SmallA standard necklace sized knock-off made in Taiwan.

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