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Glow in the Dark CubeYes, it glows in the dark!
Gm - Avis Promo CubePromotion item for GM and Avis.
GoCubeBluetooth enabled 3x3x3 twisty puzzle which enables a more interactive play.

Godfather's PizzaSeems to be mechandise for a chain of pizza bakeries.
Godzilla CubeA decent quality cube, probably produced in Japan. It depicts five versions of Godzilla and one version of Mothra.

Gold Plating CalendarA calendar cube based on cut-out stickers for a cube with golden body.
Golden Corner CubeA "Corner Cube" transformed into a Golden/Ghost Cube.
Goldilocks CottageGolden Axis cube and Silver Fisher cube parts swap gives a tumbledown cottage shaped house cube

Goldochsen CubeA 3x3x3 advertising for Goldochsen a brewery in Ulm, Germany.
Golovolomka SharA rhombicuboctahedron made in Aksai Rostov region in the 1980s.

Good HousekeepingA promo cube advertising a us-based women's magazine.
Google CubeA cube promoting various Google products and subdivisions.
Goomba 3x3x3A Goomba 3x3x3 picture cube.

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