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Mercedes Benz CubeThis version is coloured like a standard cube, but has a single Mercedes logo on the center blue cubie.
Mercury Uniaxial 3x3x3A slight modification of the Deep Uniaxial 3x3x3.
Metal 3x3x3A 3x3x3 made from metal. It came in a wooden box.

Metal Ghost CubeThe inventor of the Ghost Cube rebuilts his creation - in metal.
Metallic CubeA 3x3x3 with pieces covered with a metallic shine.
Metallic mirror half cubeA silver 3x3x3 mirror cube bandaged and cut in half to give the illusion of a "half cube".

Mexican sodasA 3x3x3 depicting four different types of mexican sodas.
Mia san MiaA promotional cube for german football (aka soccer) club "FC Bayern München"
Micardis CubeThis Rubik's Promotions cube features the logo for the drug Micardis.

Michelob Beer CubeThis cube features the brand of Michelob Beer.
Mickey & Donald CubeTiled cube featuring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.
Mickey MouseObviously a low quality cube.

Mickey Mouse Bingo Puzzle Cube"Thinking fun for young kids! Arrange 3 Mickey Mouse faces or 3 colours in a row on any side to make bingo."

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