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Poker Cube VIThis Poker Cube has white base plastic.
Poker Cube VIIThis version has two face card sides in addition to the standard four suit sides.
Poker Cube VIIIThis shows stars and joker-like figures before in addition to the four suits in french playing cards.

Poker PuzzleAnother Poker Cube. This one carries a name on two tiles.
Poker Tile CubeAnother Poker cube. This time with tiles glued upon every face.
Poland Cube3x3x3 from Poland. Logo on the center of the white side is lovely and unique.

Polar CubeA sticker variant heavily influenced by the Shepherd's Cube.
Polish CubeThe square cut of these stickers is about the only thing of interest here.
Polychromatic DiamondA half truncated cube with non-equidistant cuts and a single cubie in one of the smaller triangles.

Power Puff Girls CubeDepicting the characters from the cartoon series.
Presidential CubeCustom stickers showing all the US presidents.
Prism 3x3x3A mass produced Space Star, 30 years after the first version.

Prism of KhafreThis is a more bandaged version of a Biaxial 3x3x3 Prism, second in the inventor's series of prisms.
Prism of MenkaureA trivial triangular prism made from a failed 3x3x3 modification. A heavily bandaged puzzle.
Professor Layton and the lost futureAdvertising for the NintendoDS-game of the same name

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