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Fall Apart CubeA puzzle specifically designed to fall apart.
Faxis CubePut together from two mass produced cubes.
FC Pioneer 11 (Fisher cube)This is a Fisher Cube truncated into a hexagonal dipyramid with both tips further truncated.

Felice puzzleA 3x3x3 in shape of a football used for australien football.
FELIKS 9A 3x3x3 with a sudoku theme named Kokonotsu cube or FELIKS 9

Feliks PillowA pillowed 3x3x3 mass produced by Mefferts and dedicated to Feliks Zemdegs.
FEVER cubeFEVER = Face, Edge, VERtex
A cube with three solutions.
Fibik's CubeA Cutter Cube with parts looking like those from the Bermuda Cube.

Fifteen CuboStricker variation. Sold by the italian license taker of ITC during the original cube craze.
Finding DoryA cube advertisting the animated movie of the same title.
Finomszerelvénygyár Eger (promotional cube by Politechnika)Seems to be a promotional item produced by Politechnika.

Fireworks CubeUV Printed 3x3x3 Cube with vibrant colours and designs.
First Ladies CubeAfter the presidential cube the inventor presented this sticker variant depicting the first ladies.
First Rubiks CubeThe first Rubiks Cube ever. Made from wood by Erno Rubiks himself.

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