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Scrabble CubeA 3x3x3 stickered as if blocks of the famous name-giving game were glued on.
Sea Turtle CubeCustom sticker variant showing entangled sea turtles. A design comparable to the works of MC Escher.
Seafirst Bank CubeDisplays the following words: SEAFIRST, IM&TS, Investment Management, Trust Services, 800-228-7180.

Semi-Bump TetrahedronA handmade Bump Cube transformed in to a rounded tetrahedron.
Seven Cube (7 mm)This cube improved the personal record set up by its inventor four years before.

SevenSided Oddity (Octagonal Edges Extended 21E8800144087)A 3x3x3 truncated on 7 edges and afterwards extended. The result has a shape hard to describe.
Several Brands CubeA cube with 12 different logos which have no known connection.
Several TwistThe logical successor of the Twist Cubies: This time one face was twisted by 180 instead of 90.

Sexual Positions (aka Poses)Cartoonish drawings of a couple in various sexual positions. Don't blush!
SG CubeMade by exchanging pieces from some DIY cubes. There exists two versions with 4 and 8 colors.
SG CUBE IIA successor of the SG Cube two use only six colours.

Shape shifting 2x3x3This is a 2x3x3 that allows 90-turns on every face and can therefore change its shape drastically.
Shapes!A 3x3x3 solved by lining up shaped holes instead of colours.
Shark Fin SoupShape variant of a bandaged 3x3x3

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