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Victory Cube6 times a V for Victory
Virgin Megastore CubeThis cube is slightly smaller than standard and features various 80's albums to promote Virgin Megastores.

Virust HexisA hexis cube with a virust- style sticker cutting.
Volkswagon CubeAnother Volkswagon cube by Rubik's Promotions.
Voyager CubeA 3x3x3 redesigned to have cuts like a Rex Cube.

VulkanA 3x3x3 in shape of a Vulcano.
VW - Logistics & Process CubeA VW promo cube, presumably given away at a material logistics and process flow technical conference of some sort.
Wacky WooliesA cube showing sheeps in different emotional states.

Walkers Crisps CubeThis cube features various Walkers Crisps slogans and brand logos.
Walkers Max CubeThis promo cube features the UK-based "Walkers MAX" brand of potato chips.
Wall stickersA 3x3x3 from Eastsheen with wall-like stickers

WALL-E cubeA 3x3x3 depicting the main character from the equally name animated movie.
Wall-E Puzzle CubeA piece of merchandising for the animated movie of the same name.
Walled Fisher Windmill (WFW) CubeTwo layers of a Fisher Cube combined with the middle layer of a Windmill Cube.

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