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Siamese Fisher CubeTwo mass produced Fisher Cubes fused into one pair of Siamese Cubes.
Siamese Fisher+WindmillA Fisher Cube and a Windmill Cube fused into a Siamese puzzle
Siamese Hexagonal DipyramidsTwo Hexagonal Dipyramids fused into a Siamese puzzle.

Siamese Octagons 1 (side by side)Siamese Octagons - Version 1. Equivalent to a Siamese 6 with a joint 1x2x3-block.
Siamese Octagons 2 (on top)Siamese Octagons 2 - Version 2. It is equivalent to a Siamese 6 with a joint 1x2x3-block.
Siamese RhombohedraTwo 3x3x3-Rhombohedra fused into a single puzzle.

Siamese Shepherds CubeSiamese Shepherds Cube. A sticker variant of the Siamese Cubes.
Siamese WindmillTwo Windmill Cubes fused into a single puzzle.
Siefert SurfacesThis cube is a Mathematical Art cube, showing six Siefert Surfaces.

SiemensThis 3x3x3 cube advertises Siemens microcontroller technology.
Sílex cubeA 3x3x3 truncated on six edges and afterwards extended. Unlike the variant with Sharp Edges the cuts are rounded.
Silver Plating CalendarA calendar cube based on cut-out stickers for a cube with silver body.

Simple Overlapping CubeA 3x3x3 without edges.
Single Solution OctagonA handbuilt octagonal prism but not as heavy truncated as the mass produced version.
Six CubeAn edges only 3x3x3 in shape of a Burr Puzzle.

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