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3x4x4 Hexagonal prismA hexagonal prism with three layers and three cuts per axes.
3x4x5 CamouflageA 2x3x3 with cubies glued on three sides letting it resemble a larger cuboid.
3x4x6 Brick WallA 6x6x6 bandaged into a 3x4x6 cuboid and five layers turned by 90 degree just like in the wall cube.

3x5x5 Edge Breaker Christmas Cube-OctahedronA bandaged truncated cube covered with christmas motifs.
3x7x7 (Steinmetz)A 3x7x7 in a shape resembling the Steinmetz solid.
3x8x8A pillowed 3x8x8. Made from a 8x8x8.

4x4x4 barrel out of dateA custom sticker variant of a 4x4x4 in shape of a cylinder
4x4x4 Cebra 6 coloursA 4x4x4 with modified stickers, arranged in 6 coloured bands around the cube.
4x4x4 Cutaway CubeA 4x4x4 with cutaway parts that unveil the inner 3x3x3 of this specific design.

4x4x4+SkewbA cube with a hybrid axis system with an unprecedented configuration of layers.
4x4x8 IIA bandaged 8x8x8 with 3D printed extensions.
4x5x5 CamouflageThis 5x5x5 has resin dice glued on multiple sides to make it look like a 4x5x5.

4x8x8 (Steinmetz)A 4x8x8 in a shape resembling the Steinmetz solid.
5x5x5 AntiprismA 5x5x5 in shape of a triangular antiprism aka octahedron.
5x5x5 HashtagThis 5x5x5 has coloured resin dice glued on all its faces forming a multiple hashtag.

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