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CaTHuPA corner turning hexagonal pyramid. A jumbling only puzzle.
Celtic DodecahedronA dodecahedron with 60 axes of rotation. A jumbling only puzzle.
CentroidminxThe dodecahedral successor of the Centroid. A megaminx in shape of ten intersecting cylinders with twenty cylinders.

Centurion EyeA puck with one hundred wedges.
Chaos JewelA bandaged hexagonal dipyramid.
Chaos Rhombic TricontahedronA Petaminx transformed into the shape of a rhombic triacontahedron.

Chaos SpectrumA Dino Cube truncated not fully into a Rainbow Cube and painted with abstract art inspired by the 1920s.
Charaction Cube Disney IIIA set of 2 bandaged 2x2x2s in shape of two companion disney characters.
Charaction Cube Movie Series I-IIIA set of 4 bandaged 2x2x2s in shape of characters from several non-disney movies.

Charaction Cube VIA set of 2 bandaged 2x2x2s in shape of manga characters.
Cheesy GemA triaugmented Triangular Prism with the axis system of the edge turning triangular prism. A jumbling only puzzle.
Chromium eggAn egg-shaped version of the Little Chop

Circle Curvy CopterA Curvy Copter with face turning circles on all six sides.
Circle Curvy Copter DodecahedronA Helicopter Dodecahedron with face turning circles on all twelve sides.
Circus puzzle ghost 3x3x3A ghosted version of the Circus Puzzle from the same inventor.

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