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Contribute Information
There are a number of ways to contribute information. Which ever method you choose, your contributions will be proofed by me before being inserted into the online version of the site. This is a security measure in place to prevent accidental or intentional deleting or overwriting of data. This process may take a few days.

This site wouldn't be alive if it's wasn't for the work of puzzle fans like yourself. As a little way of thanking you for your work, your name (if you so choose) will appear on each page you've contributed to.

  1. Add a New Museum Item
    To do this, click the above link and fill out the form. Each new entry must have at least one picture. Any other information or pictures you can provide will definately be helpful in completing the entry, so please don't leave anything out!

  2. Edit an Existing Museum Item
    If you'd like to edit the contents of a museum item (title, descriptions, etc), first find the museum item by browsing through the site, then click on one of the links in the "Contributors" section at the bottom of the museum item page.

  3. Submit Pictures
    Whether it's because you are adding a whole new museum item, or just adding a new picture to an existing museum item, e-mail your picture (along with a caption if possible) by clicking on the link above. In the case of adding a picture to an existing museum item, please include the title or page URL so it can be matched up quickly and correctly.

    If you happen to know a little about graphics applications, and would like to submit your new images in the right format (to save me some time, and to expedite your update), check out this article.

  4. Add a Link
    To do this, click the above link and fill out the form. Using the form, you will be able to specify if it should appear on the museum item page (and for which items), or on the site links page.

  5. Edit a Link
    Click the "edit" link beside the link you would like to edit, and make your changes in the form that appears.

  6. Add a Recent Sale Price
    With your help, can track sale prices for every item in the database. To contribute data to this system, simply click the "add a recent sale price" button at the bottom of any of the item pages.

  7. Edit a Sale Price
    Click the "edit" link beside the price you would like to edit, and make your changes in the form that appears.

  8. Maintain the Databases
    This option is here for authorized users to maintain the live database online. It links to a super cool, and super fast way to overview new additions to the site, then quickly add them to the online database. I'm proud of it!
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