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Dodec 123A 1x2x3 shape transformed into a dodecahedron.
Dodec 125 IA 1x2x5 in shape of a dodecahedron. It does not change its shape.
Dodec 125 IIA dodecahedron with a 1x2x5 inside after one turn of 90.

Does-it-scrambleThis puzzle follows the Rocket Twist and was designed to pose the question that gave it its name.
Domed 12x12x12A 12x12x12 with some pieces removed to reveal some previously hidden pieces.
Domino AssociahedronA 2x3x3 transformed into the shape of an associahedron.

Doraemon cubo 2x2x2A 2x2x2 modelled to resemble the head of the comic character. The rest of the body serves as stand.
Double Circle Real 6x6x6A real 6x6x6, a 6x6x6 where you also have to solve the inner 4x4x4 and the 2x2x2 inside of it.
Double Coner 3x3x3A cube with a hybrid axis system that combines two face turn cuts with five corner turn cuts.

Double Cross PlusOne plunger and two rotations combined with intersecting pieces.
Double SkewbA Skewb combines with an underlying Pyraminx.
Double Twist Mirror HorrorThis combines the Horror cube with the Double Twist Cube

Double-faced Magnetic Magic ClockA variant of Rubik's Clock implemented with 204 magnets.
Dreidel Curvy CopterA hybrid of corner turning and edge turning cube. The edge turns are only possible when the corners are placed in midturn.
Dual 3x3x3 IIA 3x3x3 plus two pieces known from the Complex 3x3x3.

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