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Geared 1x2x3A 1x2x3 with four gears that do not restrict the movements but create some intermediate states.
Geared BarrelFour axes with gears and visible orientation.
Gears TruncatedA Gear cube in shape of a half truncated cube.

Gemini PyraminxThe concepts of the Xenomorphix and Genomorphix applied to a Floppy Cube.
Geometry Dash Bump 2x2x2A bumped 2x2x2 with Geometry Dash icons.
Ghoivy cubeThe ghosted cousin of the Ivy Cube.

Ghost 3x3x9A cubic 3x3x9 treated like ghost cube.
Ghost CheeseA Rubik's Cheese transformed like a Ghost Cube.
Ghost DiamondA 2x2x3 ghosted and in shape of a rhombic prism.

Ghost Dodecahedron 2x2x2The concept of the Ghost cube applied to a 2x2x2 dodecahedron, itself a shape transformation.
Ghost houseA "ghosted" 3x3x3 transformed to look like a House Cube.
Ghost Latch CubeA Latch cube combined with the Ghost Cube.

Ghost master skewb octahedronA Master Skewb transformed into the shape of an octahedron and subsequently "ghosted".
Ghost Real Ostrich Egg 2x2x2The result of Tony Fisher teaming up with an ostrich.
Ghost twist 5x5x5A Professor Ghost Cube treated like the Twist Cubies

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