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Curvy DiamondA concept of the Fluffy Cube applied to a Skewb Diamond
Curvy Dino MegaminxA corner turning dodecahedron with five layers per axis.
CurvyballA Copter Ball III without two types of pieces.

CycloneA Mixup cube with eight pieces were turned by 90.
D'cubex (Michix)A Floppy cube handmodified into a mystical cat.
Das Cube TooA shape variant of the Das Cube.

Deca CrownAn edge turning dodecahedron, hollowed and radically truncated on two sides and with only ten edges turning.
Delta GemA triaugmented Triangular Prism with the axis system of the edge turning triangular prism. A jumbling only puzzle.
Diagonal 2x3x3A 2x3x3 combined with an additional set of turns which make it equivalent to a bandaged octagonal prism.

Diamond JubileeA pseudo edge turning rhombic triacontahedron with true deltoidal hexecontahedron geometry.
Diamond octahedronA 2x2x3 transformed into a non shape changing octahedron.
Dice SkewbA Skewb stripped from stickers and restickered with a dice-based scheme.

DIRT V1.0Spherical puzzle with 62 axes available in DIY form to be assembled and stickered before use.
Discrete Curvy Copter SkewbA Skewb with one additional type of turn akin the Krystian's Cube. Or: The Maple Leaves Skewb with deeper edge cuts.
DittominxA hybrid axis system with turns that allow more than geometry dictates.

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