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Crazy Split 1x2x3A 1x2x3 splitted, 'circled', and splitted again.
Crazy Square-1A Square-1 with two circles, one on the top face and the other on the bottom face. These two faces have different movements.
Crescent CubeA hybrid of corner and edge turning cube a little bit more complex than the simplest possible.

Crystal PyraminxA special edition of the Pyraminx sold for the 50th anniversary of the original puzzle.
Cube 3x3x3 LockedA 3x3x3 with 24 plungers. A concept with great potential that is not realized yet.
Cube XA 2x2x2 with extensions that give every side an X-like appearance.

CubedThe Puzzle of us all - english edition
Cubicle dodecahedronA face turning dodecahedron with circles with square patterns on all twelve sides.

Cubid-19A 2x2x2 modelled after virus that causes Covid-19.
Cubo HA 6x6x6 truncated in a very strange way.
CubophoneA 3x3x3 that is solved not by colour or shape but by tune.

Cullinan CubeThe principle of the Sunminx applied to pentagonal dipyramid with cut away tips.
CurveminxA Pyraminx in a radically concave shape.
Curvy Chop PlusThe concept of the Curvy Chop applied to a Curvy Copter Plus.

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