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Magic DigitFour intersecting circles with just seven pieces visible out of twelve pieces in total, with an additional flipping mechanism for the pieces.
MagnetocubeThis 2x2x2 cube uses magnets sliding in transparent tubes instead of coloured stickers. It was inspired by the Tokamak.
MagstarA 3D-printed cousin of Icosahedron Impossiball with a different colour scheme.

Maple Leaf PyraminxResembles an edges only Pyraminx.
Maple Leaves Pentultimate ExtremeA Pentultimate with 90 edge turns that are possible only when the Pentultimate is in midturn.
Maple Leaves Skewb PlusThe Maple Leaves Skewb with the strange turns allowing for 90 twists that allow the puzzle to change its shape.

Master ghost houseA "ghosted" 4x4x4 transformed to look like a House Cube.
Master Quadrant BallA redesigned spherical 4x4x4 with eighteen circles with four segments each in the faces and edges.
Master Star PrismA pentagonal prism with four layers and a 4x4-pattern on each square.

Masterball 5A Masterball with five instead of four layers.
Matrioshka 2Two intersecting circles with three possible turns.
Mavericks CubeFull sized 2x2x2 in the shape of a bovine.

Maze 7x7x7The concept of the Maze applied to a 7x7x7.
Maze of the MinotaurA two-layer cheese with a custom painting designed to make the puzzle more difficult.
Maze-300 cubeA bandaged 3x3x3 with a gods number (measured in QTM) of 301, a record holder.

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